An Overview Of Auto Accident Cases In The State Of New York

Interviewer: In the past, just about 33 years, how many auto accident cases do you think you’ve handled for instance; and that’s what we’ll focus on today?

Ira Perlman: I’ve probably handled over a thousand automobile cases over the years ranging from simple to complicated because even though it may, only involve an automobile, you learn that sometimes there are other responsible parties that are involved with the motor vehicle accident that have nothing to do with actually owning or operating a motor vehicle. It could be a bad roadway design or other participants.

Some Auto-Accident Cases May be Complicated Involving Outside Factors

Interviewer: What are some examples of a complicated case where there’s outside factors that sound odd?

Ira Perlman: In fact, I just got a call on a case involving unfortunately a woman who was using Access-A-Ride in the Queens area to go from one location to another due to her disability, and the Access-A-Ride facility that had responsibility for this particular Access-A-Ride vehicle was apparently fully aware that the actual Access-A-Ride van that picked this woman up had been the subject of disrepair and had maintenance problems where the van was stalling and they let this van go out onto the public roadway knowing or they should have known that it could have become a problem and become disabled and that’s exactly what happened. The van stalled and it stalled in a moving lane of traffic at which time it was necessary to call another van to come to this particular scene to have this woman transferred to the good van from the bad van.

It is Possible That Certain Entities Other than Motorists May be Responsible for an Auto Accident

While that was occurring, there was an accident where a car struck the rear of the second good Access-A-Ride van. In-between the disabling of the first van and the actual impact by a private car into the rear of the second van, the police appeared at the scene and actually moved the first van over further to the shoulder and then the police left the scene. Why the police left the scene and didn’t take steps in order to make the scene safe or the location safe for oncoming motorists, we don’t know yet. So, here’s a perfect situation where you have a number of parties from different entities or agencies that could bear a percentage or portion of responsibility for the happening of this accident.

Notable Case Studies of Auto-Accident Cases Having a Favorable Outcome

Interviewer: Any other interesting case studies, where the odds are really against somebody yet you still were able to get them compensation?

Ira Perlman: There are so many cases over the years. I had a case where a woman was boarding a transit bus and unfortunately, she slipped and fell getting out of the bus. It was raining out and the steps were wet but the edge of the step had worn away where there was no more rubber on one of the steps that one would have to walk over and along to disembark from the bus. She fell and she had a bad fracture and the bus company said, “Well, you have no proof and you don’t have pictures of the step, you have nothing”, and the bus driver had driven away after the accident.

The Truth Eventually Comes Out and Justice is Bound to Prevail in These Cases

There was no report filed but the jury listened to what she had to say and also listened to what she saw, what she heard, what she felt and it didn’t matter that we didn’t have objective proof to look at in the form of a picture of the actual step or even a report of the accident. Quite naturally, she was telling the truth and they believed her as opposed to the bus company which didn’t have various documentation that they should have had based on their procedure and protocol. So, there are times you just have to fight the fight and proceed with what you have knowing that the truth will come out eventually and justice will prevail, especially when somebody has nowhere else to turn and there is no other remedy other than going to court and seeking justice and getting your harms and losses covered.

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