Pedestrian Struck by Motor Vehicle Accidents: What You Need to Know!

New York City can be a hazardous place for pedestrians. Large numbers of pedestrians are struck by vehicles every year. If you or a family member has been the victim of a car/pedestrian accident and plan to take legal action, you should first consult with a Bronx car accident lawyer. You should specifically consider the services available from the Law Offices of Ira M. Perlman & Robert D. Rosen.

The Risks of Walking
More than 100 pedestrians are annually killed, and thousands are injured by vehicles in the Bronx and elsewhere in the city. These are the more common causes of these mishaps:

-Vehicles not yielding to pedestrians due to driver distraction
-Vehicles running stop signs or traffic signals
-Drivers not exerting caution when backing up
-Drivers Texting

A car accident attorney in the Bronx has experience with car/pedestrian accidents and is prepared to help the victims. A Bronx car accident lawyer will provide the representation that is needed throughout the legal process.

What To Do After an Accident
In the event of an accident, victims who are physically able to take action should obtain the name of the driver and insurance provider for that driver and also obtain information from witnesses. Police should be notified immediately. Those injured should seek immediate medical attention. They should also consider seeking help from a  Bronx car accident attorney.

Seeking Monetary Damages
The “No Fault” system in New York allows injured pedestrians to collect benefits from the insurance company that insures the vehicle which struck them immediately, so medical bills, lost wages  and other expenses are paid quickly irrespective of any lawsuit filed for pain and suffering. A car accident attorney in the Bronx can help with these and other issues. A Bronx car accident attorney can also help the families of victims in cases of wrongful death. If you need help after a car/pedestrian accident, contact the Law Offices of Ira M. Perlman & Robert D. Rosen.