I was referred to Mr. Ira M Perlman thru advertisement of his Office on Internet
I was severely injured during accident, when I was walking on the street near my House &accidentally fall down because of not properly covered hole,which belong to Brooklyn Union Gas Company.
I was rushed to Hospital & after that from pain for long time. Because of my injury I suffered high bills & prolong pain & discomfort.
Mr. Ira M. Perlman was with me all this hard time.
He &his partners contact with me any time, when I need them, They helped me through the whole process with being involved in accident. feel, that I am in really good hands.
Firm of Mr. Ira M. Perlman &Robert D. Rosen is great. found, that them office treat me with the real respect all this time.
My stlement amount was over the top, I highly recomend them Office for buisness.

- Michael G.

“Thanks, Mr. Rosen and Mr. Pearlman you are great attorneys and thank your office staff”

- Hector Acosta and Aida Acosta

Ira is one of the best trial lawyers in New York City. He has tried numerous cases of mine as trial counsel; and always gets great results. Juries love him; he’s a great story teller.

- Reid Wissner

I had the absolute luck to be referred by a friend to mr ira Perlman and mr robert rosen. I could have signed with any law firm I was severely injured from a car accident I was rushed by ambulance to the hospital and emergency surgery was needed,afterward the pain and suffering & bills,all of the legal red tape had me feeling alone confused and I needed compassionate knowledgeable honest aggressive attorneys to fight for me & my rights the attorneys were awesome they fought hard & did not forget what I went through emotionally, all the pain &surgery thankfully my friend suggested to call them to find out my rights they represented me they fought hard they won my settlement I was generously compensated I can never thank them enough..this is the law firm to call because they are personally engaged in your case which is very unique from the average firm. They really do care.

- Debra L.

Mr. Perlman is mainly a Personal Injury Litigator, whom I found on the Internet when I needed someone to represent me. I was walking on my street, and because a sidewalk in front of an apartment building was not well-maintained, I caught my toe and fell and landed directly on my chin. It upset me greatly that a community-minded building owner should allow his property to deteriorate to this extent, and I wanted to try and correct this. When I spoke with Mr. Perlman, he agreed to take the case. From there on he treated me with kindness and respect, even though my case was not a big one. It took two years, but he always behaved with patience and kindness. Finally, his professionalism resulted in a successful outcome. The fall was a horrible experience for me that turned into a positive one. And it was done with style. Needless to say, his personal involvement and expertise won the day, and I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Perlman and his associates for many legal matters. Thank you.

- Anonymous