Why Choose Us?

These are the rules that govern the way we practice law and litigate. The following principles have served as the foundation of our perpetual success for over 33 years.

1. Our clients’ interests always come first – Whether that means we stay at the office some nights past midnight, or work during weekends – whatever it takes, our clients’ needs and concerns always come first.

2. We always remember that our clients are real people – not just paper files, or “business,” or case number. We have built a solid reputation on offering personal attention to each clients, even after the case is over. Our clients know they can call anytime, with any legal problem, and we’ll always do everything we can to help. And, our clients often do call even after a case is over – sometimes years later.

3. We always fight tenaciously for our clients’ rights – We know we can’t worry about whether an insurance company, or an insurance company lawyer, likes what we do, or agrees with what we do. We have only one goal – to get the best possible results for our clients every time.

4. We make sure to establish a mutual respect between us and our clients – That means we keep our clients informed about the status of their cases and always involve our clients in the important decisions about their cases, and are always a phone call away.

5. We always work on each case as a team – We are the attorneys who are working on your case; not someone else who you don’t know. We even make it a point to set time aside numerous times every week to discuss case strategy together.

6. We love what we do – We care about our clients and each case we represent. We are passionate about winning and take pride in our long-standing track record of success.