Zone Of Danger Test

Zone Of Danger Test This article shares some great advice from Phoenix car accident attorney, Aaron Crane from Cantor Crane regarding the zone of danger test. A car accident is a terrifying ordeal for many people. Injuries occur, and the pain and suffering that it can put on someone is intense. It is important to report an accident right when it happens, and if needed, retain a lawyer for your representation right away.

What is the “Zone Of Danger” Test?

The “Zone of Danger” test is put forth in order to determine if someone has received emotional distress from watching someone else get hurt in a car accident. This is to recover money for negligent infliction of the emotional distress.

What Is The Purpose Of The “Zone Of Danger Test”?

The whole purpose of the “Zone of Danger” test was to make the claims for negligent infliction limited. Although, in many cases, the circumstances are very likely that extreme emotional distress is caused when a person witnesses a death or other huge injury in a car accident case.

The State Farm V. Layton Case

The State Farm V. Layton case out of the Division One of the Arizona Court of Appeals dismissed a claim that was brought by the parents of the family. They were witnesses at the scene of their dead son at the accident site. It was urged that the court determine that the parents had to witness in gruesome detail the sight of their dead son. In other jurisdictions, it would be held in favor of the parents. In the cases, it was held that they must follow the Arizona Supreme Court which did not side with the parents. It would be safe to assume that there will be an appeal to this case because anyone that witnessed such an event would want to be compensated in some way for their distress caused by a negligent driver.

Finding Yourself In A Situation Where You Witness A Loved Being Injured Or Killed In An Accident?

If you should find yourself in a situation of sorts, you will need to retain a lawyer that knows the law of accidents and the “Zone of Danger” test. This can be very important when there is money that is involved, and you feel that you have a right to some of it. Make sure that you tell the lawyer exactly what you saw, even if it is very difficult to word it at the time. Write it down if you need to because every detail may mean something in the course of the legal battle. It can all make a difference in the end on the compensation that is distributed.

A Phoenix accident attorney is what you need if you find yourself the victim of a car accident. Since Cantor Crane is a firm that has the Phoenix accident attorney professionals that you need, you should contact us as soon as you can after an accident. At Cantor Crane, we have the Phoenix accident attorney experts that are needed to make the most informed and up-to-date decisions that will give you the edge on getting what is rightfully yours after an accident.